Tracking Litter in the Yarra River

The Yarra River is the largest contributor of litter into the Bay. Much of the litter entering the Bay is trapped in reed beds in the lower Yarra. These areas are extremely difficult to access. Furthermore, the small size of litter in these areas makes litter collection time consuming and expensive.


Connecting with the wildlife of the Yarra

Wildlife is swiftly diminishing around the globe. Wildlife, their ecological interactions and the ecosystem services they support are all part of promoting health in the environment. This webinar will discuss: wildlife, their interactions with ecosystems; some challenges from and for the climate and wildlife; and, how to use our Wildlife Toolkit as a visual guide for people looking to engage with the animals we share the Yarra River with.


A guide to weeding for a better Yarra

This 15 minute webinar is an introduction to the Weeding Toolkit. It is one of the first of three toolkits that the Yarra Riverkeeper are launching to help equip the community to practice environmental stewardship and connect with the iconic landscape and biodiversity found in and around the Yarra River.


Polystyrene in the Yarra Webinar

Polystyrene is pervasive on the Yarra River. Being both a light weight and brittle material, means that the ecological impacts of polystyrene, which can unfold gradually over time, can be widespread and devastating for the River and Port Phillip Bay.


YRKA Schools Webinar

The Yarra Riverkeeper’s Schools Webinar is an educational video that covers how to protect and care for our Yarra, including ecological restoration and how to help reduce the impacts of litter and pollution.


International Advocacy for Rivers / Waters: 3 Complementary Models

The health of our freshwater and our waterways are vital signs for the health of our planet. Key organizations operate both locally and internationally to improve the state of our water and waterways. Three of these key organizations are International Rivers, Water Stewardship and the Waterkeepers. All are represented in Melbourne; all work locally and internationally. Each model of operating is unique but each is complementary.


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