The Yarra Riverkeeper Association (YRKA) supports and shares the many community voices along the Yarra River, the Birrarung. We are an independent, community led organisation of advocates who represent and protect this iconic Melbourne waterway. The river is is coming under increasing pressure as Melbourne’s population grows. Storm water and litter pollute the River. Habitat fragmentation makes life difficult for those creatures whose life depends on it. Riverkeepers are vital to keeping the Yarra healthy.

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Protecting and restoring the Yarra River for you and future generations

Along its green corridor, the Yarra/Birrarung River brings life, joy, and balance to its 242-kilometre stretch. Beautiful, spiritually significant, and central to Melbourne’s identity, it’s fundamental to our state’s liveability. Our vision is a healthy, protected and loved Yarra River. Every day we work to make this possible, through our advocacy, education, and on-the-ground efforts.



The Yarra, Birrarung River is in danger. Issues such as pollution, unsustainable riverside development and planning, poor water flow and climate change put your Yarra, Birrarung and her beautiful inhabitants, at risk. But, together, we can make a difference.


Our team work tirelessly to keep the Yarra beautiful and healthy. As a community based, grass-roots organisation, we speak and fight for the health of the river. We’re passionate, people-driven and want the Yarra’s legacy to continue for generations to come. Meet our team and learn how you can support or join us.


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