Our Vision

A Yarra River, with tributaries, that is healthy, protected and loved.


Our Aim

To protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries, from source to mouth, for current and future generations.


Our Objectives

  • to be an effective, independent public advocate for the Yarra River and its tributaries.
  • to provide a unified voice, representative of the community, in relation to whole-of-river issues
  • to identify, create and implement initiatives that will protect and restore the Yarra River and its tributaries
  • to build and foster relationships with all stakeholders
  • to ensure integrated management founded upon stewardship
  • to build and make publicly accessible knowledge relating to the Yarra catchment
  • to celebrate the ecological and social value of the Yarra River and its tributaries
  • to establish a realistic funding base that can support projected activities.


Help the community increase its awareness and appreciation of the River

There are a number of ways that you can help us to protect the Yarra. From becoming a member to volunteering your time, explore how you can help below.