Yarra Catchment Atlas

The Yarra Catchment Atlas is the place to go to when you want to learn about the Yarra River and its catchment. By creating layers of data, from groundwater to biodiversity to heritage, the Atlas presents the Yarra in all its complexity.

Why do we need a Yarra Catchment Atlas? The idea surfaced from realising that there are extensive amounts of information that can be shared. Over 40 community groups and organisations collect data and conduct regular activities within the Yarra Catchment. Unfortunately, most of the information has been scattered across various reports and sites, with some of the data being inaccessible to the public. We saw an opportunity to collaborate, collect, collate and present all of the existing Yarra catchment data onto a single, accessible site: The Yarra Catchment Atlas.

Take a moment to explore the many different facets of Melbourne’s iconic Yarra here:



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