Litter and Flows

The wide use of single-use plastics, improper waste management practices, inadequate waste treatment, and littering has led to large volumes of plastic pollution entering into the Yarra and Port Phillip Bay.

The main focus of research on plastic pollution has been its impacts on marine environments, up until recently. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge about pollution along riverbanks. Data is still scant on their presence, sources and fate, thus the Litter and Flows project helps to create a better understanding of the pathways of litter into the Yarra and Port Phillip Bay.

Quantitative and qualitative litter data was obtained through:

  1. Bandalong litter trap audits
  2. Microplastic trawls in the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers
  3. Community/School clean-ups along the Yarra

This research highlighted significant issues of polystyrene pollution in the river; leading us to deep-dive into the impacts of polystyrene.


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