When we think about nature, and biodiversity, it’s easy to start imagining pristine national parks and seemingly ‘untouched’ wilderness, but a lot of urbanised areas are teeming with an array of plants, animals and little critters. In fact, almost half of Australia’s national-listed threatened animals and a quarter of the plant species at risk are found in the largest towns and cities.

To help grow awareness and appreciation of the biodiversity that can be found around the Yarra, and to celebrate biodiversity month, we launched a Bioblitz. By taking a minute to observe and submit a photo of what can be found outside; from the garden, the birds that visit the tree’s by the balcony or during exercise, anyone can take part in helping to create a better snapshot of the biodiversity that is found in and around the Yarra Catchment. Currently, the Bioblitz is held in 5 areas in the Yarra Catchment, these are:

  • Kew
  • Abbotsford
  • Burnley Crofters
  • Stonnington and Westerfolds Park.

Don’t worry if they’re not in your local area, we are planning to host more in the future.

Where does this data go?

This Bioblitz is held via iNaturalist, which automatically feeds the data into the Living Atlas of Australia and our own Yarra Catchment Atlas.

Keen to take part?

This Bioblitz is running throughout the whole of September.

Click here: to find the project that is in your local area.

Help the community increase its awareness and appreciation of the River

There are a number of ways that you can help us to protect the Yarra. From becoming a member to volunteering your time, explore how you can help below.