Our Second Weeding Toolkit is now available

, By Yarra

How should we manage weeds? And what makes a plant a weed? What are the different types of weeds? Can a tree be a weed?

You can find out the answers to these questions by reading the second edition of our Weeding Toolkit (the first edition can be found here).

Following on from the success of our first Weeding Toolkit, we have launched the second edition. This toolkit will help you to identify even more common weeds that can be found in the Yarra Catchment and explores the different ways that weeds are managed.

To help celebrate its launch, our intern, Sebastian Pivet, hosted a short webinar to give an overview of these topics and address why this toolkit is a handy guide to connect with your local environment and all the living things that surround you.

You can access the Weeding Toolkit, first extension, by clicking  here.

We have also compiled answers to the questions submitted in the chat, which are available here