Microplastics Report 2018

, By Yarra

Dear Riverkeeper members, colleagues, and supporters,

We wanted to update you about exciting news about the release of a report from the EcoCentre about a research project that was done in part with the Yarra Riverkeeper Association. We’ve attached the report to this letter.

On the 17 July 2018, the report was published by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio MP.

This report – which is a part of our ‘Clean Bay Blueprint’ project – details the results of monthly microplastic trawls conducted by the EcoCentre and the Yarra Riverkeeper Association. The trawls have been running from January 2015 to October 2017.

Link to the report: http://www.ecocentre.com/cleanbayblueprint