Inappropriate developments opposed in Abbotsford

, By Yarra

The Walmer Street Action Group has been formed to oppose the inappropriate developments that are proposed for either side of Walmer Street in Abbotsford — right on a very narrow stretch of the Yarra, and either side of the exit from the very popular Walmer Street pedestrian/bike bridge. The Yarra Riverkeepers objected to the development at 647 Victoria Street (downstream side of Walmer Street) at council and we spoke at VCAT last week as an objector. The development on the other side of Walmer Street, at 607 Victoria Street, is in a Priority Development Zone, and only requires the minister’s approval. The petition ‘Defend the Yarra’ opposing these developments is online. Over 1000 people have signed already. The Walmer Street Action Group has written the attached letter to the Planning Minister.

A Message to Richard Wynne mp_Final