Join us in saying thanks Yarra and write a message to Melbourne’s river of mists and shadows.

Many of us have run, walked, cycled and plogged along its trails. We have marvelled and taken a closer look at all of the species that call the Yarra home, on land and in the water. It is a place of inspiration, relaxation, exercise and catching up with family and friends.

My message to the Yarra

Join the Yarra Riverkeepers in saying thank you to the Yarra - for being the imaginative lifeblood of Melbourne that supports all living things, big and small.
  • Write a message of thanks to your Yarra, creek, or park.
  • Please let us know if we can publish your note on social media



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The imaginative lifeblood of Melbourne

We need the Yarra and the Yarra needs us.

It is the heart of Melbourne, the city’s imaginative lifeblood. The waters give 75% of Melbourne’s drinking water, its trees clean the air and cool the city and the parks and trails give us a place to explore and connect with nature. It’s a home for many species of plants, animals and little critters, including the platypus, grey-headed flying fox and sugar glider. 

About Your Yarra

Your Yarra Needs You

Your Yarra is under increasing pressure from overdevelopment, climate change and population growth. Click on the links below to learn more about our vision, position on threats and how you can help protect the future of your River.

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