Time: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Weeds…. what are they? Join Sebastian as he introduces the second edition of the Yarra Riverkeepers Weeding Toolkit
How do we know if the plants that we come across are supposed to be there? What should we do when we find a weed?
At the start of this year we launched our first edition of our weeding toolkit. This toolkit was aimed at being the first step to identifying common weeds found in the Yarra. Our webinar touched on how weeds impact local ecosystems, and ways we can use the toolkit to identify and safely remove these weeds. You can access the toolkit here .
This month, we are launching the next toolkit which will help you to identify even more weeds and how to safely and effectively manage them.
Join us on October 29 as Sebastian, one of the Yarra Riverkeepers Interns, discusses o the role that weeds play in shaping our local environment and what you can do to contribute to weed management.

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