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Karin Traeger, from The Yarra Riverkeeper Association is set to run 280kms to Celebrate World River’s Day and raise money to promote a Healthy, Protected and Loved Yarra, Birrarung River.

Karin is a Chilean ultrarunner and adventure fan who has been running for the past five years for “good”. From activating her local running community to clean the trails to becoming a plogging ambassador, Karin has been educating others on how to protect the environment while playing in the outdoors. Karin is also the CEO of the Yarra Riverkeeper Association.

The run will launch on World Rivers Day (25 September). It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about the Yarra, Birrarung River and its importance as a living entity for all Melburnians.

“Running is my way to connect with nature and challenge myself. I love running along the Yarra River because it’s beautiful and peaceful. This run is my way to celebrate this incredible waterway while giving back to it through one of my passions. It’s awesome to see how many people are getting involved sharing their stories on the work they do and their relationships with the Birrarung” – Karin Traeger, CEO of Yarra Riverkeeper Association.

Run the Riverkeeper is an epic 280km journey along the Yarra River, from source to mouth. The run will take place over six days, connecting natural wonders with local communities and sharing stories of the catchment. A run like this has never been done before. 

“To support our vision of a healthy, protected and loved Yarra, Birrarung we humbly ask you to donate to our campaign. We’re aiming to raise $100,000 which is a big ask but we know that Melburnians love a challenge and have huge hearts. The money raised will support our advocacy and stewardship activities in the catchment, enabling us to better protect our precious waterways.” – Charlotte Sterrett, Yarra Riverkeeper.

The Yarra, Birrarung River is one of Victoria’s most iconic rivers. It flows through Melbourne’s inner city suburbs. It is home to some of Australia’s most beloved icons like Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and Princes Bridge. The River also supports thousands of people who live around it.

It’s also home to many threatened species such as Platypus, Swift Parrots and Growling Grass Frogs that rely on healthy water for survival. But despite all these benefits, the Yarra, Birrarung has suffered from decades of pollution from industry, agriculture and stormwater run-off. This pollution has caused significant habitat loss along the river banks.

Disclaimer: This is not a public facing event. Run the Riverkeeper is a solo run aiming to raise awareness on the issues the river faces. The public can engage virtually while sharing the campaign. We recommend using the hashtag #runtheriverkeeper when sharing stories of connection to the Yarra/Birrarung. We do not recommend anyone to attempt the same run. Karin will be taking this journey on her own accord while respecting access and traffic.

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If you are also a runner, please join the Strava Club “Run the Riverkeeper”.

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