Time: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Come along and meet the Yarra Riverkeeper, and be introduced to the Yarra Riverkeeper Association. The Yarra Riverkeeper Association speaks for the Yarra River and was instrumental in starting both the Yarra/Birrarung Act and the Yarra Planning Controls. The riverkeeper is both an advocate for a place that is central to Melbourne’s imagination and is committed to understanding the river and basing advocacy on evidence. The Association has worked closely with Melbourne Water since the start. Melbourne Water bought the keepers their first boat! Andrew Kelly, the Yarra Riverkeeper, will give you an overview of the Association’s current work including

1. The restoration of seven sites along the river under the Riverkeeper’s vision of wilding the river

2. A forthcoming review of the value of Environmental-Economic Accounting (and its value in the Healthy Waterways Strategy)

3. The Association’s research into the problem of polystyrene in waterways.

He will finish with a quick update on the Association’s perspective on the Yarra Strategic Plan and the work of the Birrarung Council.


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