Time: 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

As the deadline nears for the delivery of the government’s commitment on making the Yarra River Planning Controls permanent, we are officially re-launching our Making the Yarra River Controls Permanent: Protecting the Yarra from Inappropriate Development.

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The report was commissioned from Ethos Urban by the Association. The first official launch (which was to be in person) was postponed due to the first Covid lockdown.

The planning controls have been a significant initiative of the Andrews Labor government and were introduced in their first term of government.

These controls have had broad community support along the length of the river. The initiative started with a decision in Boroondara to protect the Yarra frontage along Coppin Grove and then rolled across the river to the City of Yarra who introduced controls following a report from Planisphere (a predecessor to Ethos Urban). It is time to declare the Yarra River Planning Controls permanent, as was promised by Minister Wynne in the middle of this year, and acknowledge his legacy in protecting the river.

Come along and learn more about how the arcane art of urban planning can protect our Yarra corridor. Listen to Andrew Kelly, the Yarra Riverkeeper, James Reid, the lead urban planner on the report, and speakers from the City of Yarra and the City of Boroondara.

Learn what we need to do to protect our Yarra river.

You will be mailed a digital copy of the report before the event when you sign up.

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