Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Come along to the Yarra Riverkeepers’ AGM,

This year, the event will be held online. Please join us and listen to the exciting accomplishments of the Yarra Riverkeepers. We will also have a presentation from acclaimed photographer John Gollings, who will be discussing his experience photographing the Yarra catchment. 

If you are not a member, you’re welcome to come and listen, be inspired, and learn about the Yarra Riverkeeper Association and how you can help protect the Yarra.

All members who are able to attend the AGM will enter a raffle and be in the running to receive a print of one of the photos John took of the catchment.

Register to attend the event by clicking here

Proxy and Nomination Forms 

For members who are unable to attend the AGM, please make sure your voice is still heard by nominating a proxy. You can do this by completing this quick form: Proxy Form  (A proxy can be any other paying member of the YRKA).

Items requiring a vote are:

  • Accepting 2019’s AGM’s minutes (you can access this document here)
  • Board election
  • Acceptance of Riverkeeper’s report
  • Acceptance of Treasurer’s report

If you wish to nominate as a board member, you can do so by completing this nomination form, which you can access here: Nomination Form AGM 2020


7.00 pm Acknowledgment of Country, and welcome, Ian Penrose, Previous Yarra Riverkeeper and AGM host
7.10 pm Ian Penrose to introduce Guest Speaker
7.15 pm Guest speaker: John Gollings – Connection to the Yarra and series of photographs
7.25 pm Updates in Operations for YRKA
7.30 pm President’s Welcome, attendance, apologies
Verification of quorum
Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM held 17 October 2019
7.35 pm President’s/Committee’s Report
7.45 pm Yarra Riverkeeper’s Report
7.55 pm Treasurer’s Report (including 30 June 2020 Financial Statements)
8.00 pm Appointment of Auditor
8.10pm Election of Board members
8.25 Thank you’s
8.30 pm Meeting closes

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