Are you the next Yarra Riverkeeper?

, By Yarra

Are you the next Yarra Riverkeeper? Or do you know of someone who would be well suited for this role?

The Riverkeeper is the primary spokesperson on behalf of the Association and principal public advocate for the Yarra River. As the ‘storyteller of the river’, the Riverkeeper commits to building deep understanding through learning about the ever-changing nature of the river and its tributaries, people, Traditional Owners, and sharing that knowledge with others. Within an evidence-based framework they educate the public by sustaining and further developing a public presence on behalf of the Association. Each Riverkeeper will shape the role by sustaining, consolidating and building networks of influence to support the organisation.

We are now taking applications for the Yarra Riverkeeper position. Click here to learn more about the position and to apply .

Please send any questions or expressions of interest to