Rachel Fensham

Rachel Fensham

Board Member

Likes: River, bush, rocks and slopes. Swimming and walking.

Dislikes: Noisy vehicles, graffiti, eggplant, and high heel shoes

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment:Bats


Rachel is an experienced leader in higher education, the creative industries and digital culture.

Rachel brings knowledge of strategic planning and budgeting, team leadership, mentoring and public speaking to the delivery of outcomes for organisations and individuals. She has managed complex projects for museums, youth organisations, trade unions, local, state and federal governments and led and managed the establishment of public-private partnerships. She is committed to diversity and sustainability in organisational and community practices.

A local Abbotsford resident, Rachel holds a strong connection with the Yarra River. Affiliated with the Melbourne Forum and RSA, Rachel is continuously connecting with people and diverse ideas.

“Removal of weeds from banks with careful landscaping to mediate between humans and the river.”