Anthony Despotellis

Anthony Despotellis

Litter Officer & Graphic Designer

AKA: Socratellis, The Litter Inspector

Likes: Thinking, Learning, Writing, Painting, Reading.

Dislikes: People who litter, illegal dumping, not having enough time in the day.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Kookaburra


Anthony is our passionate and dedicated Litter Officer, and is responsible for reducing the amount of litter in the Yarra catchment. This work is essential in maintaining the integrity of the water quality within the Yarra, and therefore the overall health of the catchment’s ecosystem including the humans and wildlife that inhabit it.

A self-described curious explorer, Anthony regularly patrols the Yarra alongside the Riverkeeper, monitoring litter hot spots and the iconic Bandalong Litter Traps, removing Microplastics from his own innovative removal design. Through his work, Anthony regularly collaborates with two of our partner organisations, Clean Water Group and Port Phillip EcoCentre. He is Co-Manager of our citizen science platform and environmental database, the Yarra Atlas, reporting on environmental disturbances such as litter clusters and pollution spills.  He utilises his learnt knowledge and experiences to voice out towards local members of parliament to act in the best interest of the environment.

Holding a Bachelor of Industrial and Product Design with Honours, he is a talented graphic designer, illustrating the organisation’s promotional and highly commended educational materials through his artistic vision. Anthony also runs a self-founded business ‘Remedy Art’, painting street art murals all over Melbourne, livening up neglected urban spaces across the city. Anthony is particularly interested in how discarded items and large pieces of litter can be utilised and repurposed to be works of art. This interest is applied on the job at his other role as a golf-course attendant, collecting pieces of rubbish he finds to either repurpose himself or distribute to other artists.

In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction novels and hopes to publish his first commercial book in the near future.

Know a local litterbug or is an illegal dumper? Be sure to dob them in to our Litter Inspector!


“The Yarra is time and history visualised. It is the water I drink and so it literally gives me life. It brings a sense of place and calm, but also puts you in your place.”