Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood

Specialist Advisor

AKA: Woody

Likes: Gardening, sailing, art, live-music

Dislikes: Land clearing and general environmental destruction

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Tawny Frogmouth


Born 1962 in Eltham , Andrew spent his early years exploring the river by canoe and is the YRKA’s much valued specialist advisor.  Andrew assists in ecological regeneration and landscape architecture, ensuring planting plans are carried out with both aesthetic and ecosystem functions in mind.
Andrew studied Architecture and then Landscape architecture at University and has a diverse range of professional experience, working as a landscape contractor, builder, furniture maker, artist, sculptor, permaculture designer and teacher.
He has also worked at Yarra bend park where he managed community planting events, and supervised land restoration revegetation for Work for the Dole programs.
Andrew is always finding ways to contribute to the environment and Melbourne community, including being a supporter and contributor to Bush Heritage. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys Wood working,  building furniture and making sculptures. 


“The good thing about lockdown has been a renewed appreciation for our urban parklands, especially Yarra Bend park”