Yarra River Photo Survey

The Yarra River Photo Survey is a project to photograph the entire length of the river from the Upper Yarra Reservoir to the sea, being undertaken by volunteers with the Yarra Riverkeepers Association.

We are using a Ricoh Theta-S spherical camera (takes a photo in all directions at once) to capture photo spheres every 10 to 20m, then posting them on Google Street View where they are freely available to anyone who is interested.

The project aims to document the current condition of the river and the wide range of environments traversed in its 218 km length, from towering mountain ash forests, through rolling vineyards, steep gorges, suburbia and the industrial port.

The photos will a resource for the Riverkeepers Association to use in their work advocating for protection of Melbourne’s iconic river. They will also be freely available to river managers, researches and the public.

We actually got out on the river and started the photography at the upper Yarra Dam in February 2016. As of June 2016 have photographed 12 km and made it down to McMahons Creek. Only 206 km to go!

You can follow our progress and see some more photos on Facebook

All the photos taken so far are posted on Google Street View. To find them use the Street View App from a mobile device or Google Maps on a PC. Have a look at any part of the river between the Upper Yarra Reservoir and McMahon’s Creek, then click on the little yellow pegman in the bottom left of the map to see Street View imagery. The Yarra photos should appear as string of small blue circles along the river, simply click on one to see it in spherical format.


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