Our Goals

In 2020 we will be celebrating 15 years of caring for the Yarra and before then we would like to achieve a multitude of different things

We have, as a team, defined our future goals as follows:
  • We want to acknowledge the culture and remember heritage. We want to engage with the Wurundjeri people and acknowledge their role in caring for country. We want to bring forth the diverse history and heritage of our river. We want to understand the role of the Boon Wurrung Yarra catchment and seek appropriate engagement.
  • Develop and enforce policy, laws and regulations. We want to understand the planning controls that we have brought forth in the Yarra Protection plan. We want to engage with environmental organizations, including Melbourne Water, EPA and Parks Victoria, to follow the path of the Healthy Waterways Strategy. We will work through advocacy to ensure that the Yarra River Action Plan is put in place. We will develop election policies for parties to adopt on behalf of the river.
  • We want to build knowledge. We want to develop an understanding of the river through creating mapping platforms and sharing the knowledge. We want to monitor the ecological function of the river and its health and biodiversity. We want to continue with our social research and build an understanding of how people interact with the river. We want citizen science to be a big part of what we do.
  • We want to clean our river! We will continue to preserve and clean our rivers through regular clean ups and we are planning on developing a revegetation and rewinding strategy.
  • We want to educate and share knowledge by organising events such as bike rides, walks, seminars and presentations. We want to invite people to come with us on our Yarra Riverkeeper boat to experience the Yarra from a different perspective. In doing so, we hope to educate the community through as many platforms as possible. We want to educate people from young to old about their role in protecting the Yarra.
  • Develop a community networking strategy by engaging with community stakeholders to empower them, as well as citizens, to advocate for our river. We want to provide the leadership necessary to direct individuals to engage with the river in a personal and unique way.
  • Lastly, we want to keep celebrating the river, the achievements that our organization accomplishes and the milestones we complete and the ever-growing health of the river. We want to celebrate the people and companies who engage with it and organisations like us who engage and care for the river.
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