The Yarra Riverkeeper Association are launching three toolkits to help equip the community to practice environmental stewardship and connect with the iconic landscape and biodiversity found in and around the Yarra River. 


On 25 June we launched our first toolkit, the Weeding Toolkit, which you can access here: This Toolkit will help broaden recognition of common weeds and will act as a guide on how to safely and effectively remove weeds. You can access the toolkit here.

Why a weeding toolkit? Degrading landscapes, dominated by weeds are becoming more and more common in and around Melbourne. Weeds compete with the native species of the area, causing imbalance in ecosystems that can have negative consequences for native fauna such as habitat destruction or causing illness if toxic. You can learn more by watching the webinar here. Answers to the questions are now available here:

Photo by Anthony Despotellis


Our second toolkit of the series, the Wildlife Toolkit is a way to connect with your local environment. It will highlight species that are both iconic to the area or not as well known. You can access the toolkit here

We are lucky to live in a Catchment rich in biodiversity, but there was not enough space to fit every species in this one toolkit. It is our hopes that we can continually add more toolkits, that can bring attention and appreciation to more species that can be found in and around the Yarra

Why a wildlife toolkit? Wildlife is swiftly diminishing around the globe. Wildlife, their ecological interactions and the ecosystem services they support are all part of promoting health in the environment. You can learn more by watching our webinar – ‘Connecting with the Wildlife of the Yarra’

You can also access the answers to the questions in the chat here

Photo by Corentin Massuyeau
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