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Do go online and add your story to the Yarra map at This is part of the community consultation for the Yarra Strategic Plan that Melbourne Water is conducting. This part of the consultation closes this Friday, so take the opportunity before it expires,

Yarra Bill passed unopposed!

Last Thursday afternoon was the Third Reading of the Yarra River Protection (Willip-gin Birrarung murron) Bill. For those who do not appreciate the full complexities of the Parliamentary system (as I did not), after the third reading of the Bill, it is put to the vote. The bill was passed unopposed. I was present in the public gallery for the vote. The Bill requires a Yarra Strategy Plan to be commissioned (from Melbourne Water as the lead agency) and this plan begins with building a 5o year community vision for our river. The Bill is innovative and is a new way of thinking about the green places that thread through our city. Among its innovative features are that it includes traditional owner ‘caring for country’ management for our river in an urban context. The bill is the first in Australia to include ‘language’ and the preamble is in Wurundjeri. The Bill receives royal assent on 26 September 2017 and comes into effect on the 1 December 2017. The Act will consider the Yarra and its parklands as one single living entity and it will co-ordinate the work of government and government agencies along the river.

Second Reading of the Yarra River Protection (Willip-gin Birrarung murrain) Bill

The Second Reading of the Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung Murron) Bill was introduce by the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, in the chamber of Victorian Legislative Assembly on Thursday 22 June. The Wurundjeri, the First Nation People of the Yarra and its catchment, were welcomed on to the floor of the Lower State House and spoke in Woi-wurrung as a prelude to the introduction of the Bill. They received a standing ovation from both sides of the Chamber. I was lucky enough to be present at this historic moment with my predecessor as Yarra Riverkeeper, Ian Penrose, the President of the Yarra Riverkeeper Association, Christopher Balmford, and board member Warwick Leeson (who managed to get a seat in the Speaker’s Gallery).

It is in the Second Reading that the details of the Bill is announced.

It is rare for non-elected people to be allowed onto the floor of the chamber, even rarer that they speak, and the standing ovation was contrary to the custom not to clap in the chamber. This was the first time that Woi-rwurrung (the language of the Wurrundjeri) was spoken on the floor of any chamber in the state legislature,

So, the Bill is now well and truly launched and we are expecting that it will be passed by the Upper House before the end of the year.

The Bill is important as it acknowledges the role of the traditional owners in ‘Caring for Country’ — in caring for the river and its parklands and riparian corridor as one living, integrated natural entity, and uses this lens to protect the river for all the people of the Yarra catchment and beyond. The health of the city of Melbourne depends on the health of its much-loved river and the parklands along its length. It is where people come to ride, row, paddle, sometime swim, run, walk, and reflect.

The Bill creates the requirement for a long-term vision for the Yarra in the form of a Yarra Strategy Plan, includes the community in the creation of that vision, requires that strategy plan to be revised every 10 years, and establishes the Birrarung (the Wurundjeri word for the Yarra) Council. The council is required to report to the Minister on the effectiveness of the plan. The Bill establishes the Greater Yarra Urban Parklands, acknowledging that the river is far more than the water in the channel. The Bill sets out a range of protection principles for the Yarra to which responsible public entities must have regard in doing in work relating to the river and its parklands.

This is innovative, landmark legislation that establishes principles for sustainability and river management and then gives those principles teeth though auditing and public reporting. It includes both First Peoples and the community in the management of the river.

Here is a link to the speech given by Aunty Alice Kolasa on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, yesterday:

Here is a link to the Explanatory Memorandum:

And here is a link to the Bill itself.

The Bill is the result to more than three years work by us (among many others). We sowed the seed with lobbying before the last election.

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The video – The Yarra River Action Plan Community Forum

Thanks to the generosity of Stephen Curtain of Nature Communications we have a short video (2 1/2 minutes) record of our Community Forum on Wednesday 5 April. If you were unable to attend, please do watch the video here. It captures the essence of the evening.

Please then look at the the Action Plan here and then email the three responsible ministers — Planning, Environment and Water — with your favourite Action Plan point and let them know why the Yarra and making the ‘Action Plan’ deliver is important to you:

Minister for Planning:

Minister for the Environment lily.d’

Minister for Water:

If you have a twitter account, please tweet your favourite Action Plan point on Thursday with the hashtag #ActForTheYarra and include the Minister for Planning’s handle @rwynnemp

Please also post on Facebook stating your favourite Action Plan point with the hashtag #ActForTheYarra.

Thank you for being part of our celebration of the Yarra River Action Plan and the proposed Birrarung Council and the proposed Yarra River Protection Act.

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Add your story to Imagine the Yarra

Do go online and add your story to the Yarra map at This is part of the community consultation for the Yarra Strategic Plan that Melbourne Water is conducting. This part of the consultation closes this Friday, so take the opportunity before it expires,

2017 Annual General Meeting

Do come along to our AGM on Thursday 26 October at 7pm at the Darebin Parklands, Gleeson Centre, at the end of Separation Street. Learn about what is happening with the Yarra Strategic Plan and the community consultation that is currently underway. The plan is our chance to shape the future of the Yarra for […]

Burnley Harbour Cleanup, 3 December 2017, 10am

Please do come along to Burnley Harbour on Sunday 3 December from 10am to 12.30pm and join us in cleaning-up our Yarra River. We hope you can come along. Details and bookings here.

Fourth clean-up at Burnley Harbour

Please do come along to Burnley Harbour on Sunday 6 August from 10am to 1pm and join us in cleaning-up our Yarra River. We hope you can come along. Details and bookings here.

Third Burnley Harbour clean-up

Following the success of first two clean-ups at Burnley, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association is organising a third clean-up between the river and Burnley Harbour on Sunday 4 June from 10am to 1pm. We hope you can come along. Details and bookings here

Our Yarra River

The Yarra River is Melbourne’s most important natural asset and all Melburnians are dependent on it. It supplies most of our piped water. The river corridor is one of the region’s prime wildlife habitats and is a popular place for recreational and nature-based activities, which are vital to community well-being and the city’s liveability.

But the impact of our large city and its burgeoning growth are putting the river under severe stress from water extraction, pollution and encroaching urban development. With your help, we can continue our work to protect and restore the river’s health.

Who are we

Formed in 2004, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association has become the primary ‘voice of the river’.

We monitor the Yarra’s health, and keep track of the many activities affecting it. We run river tours and give presentations to educate students, community groups, government and businesses about the need for us all to protect this vital asset. We tell the river’s stories, highlighting its heritage and wonders, as well as its challenges.

Enjoy the wonders of our Yarra. Take a close interest in river and water matters.
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Join us in lobbying MPs for the Yarra River Protection Act and in support of the Yarra River Action Plan.
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