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Litter Video Launch

After 2 years of work and nearly 38,000 kilos of rubbish collected during our Yarra and Maribyrnong Blitzes, we have concluded this project. We would like to thank every volunteer who gave up their time, every partner who supported and lifted this event to new heights and all the support we received.

To conclude, we have developed a video that envelopes everything we’ve learned about the litter in our waterways: Litter Video 2020

Would you swim in the Yarra? This seems to be the question of the decade. Have a read of this article written by the RACV and Yarra Pools in which the Yarra Riverkeeper, Andrew Kelly gave valuable input into the opportunities for a swim able Yarra.

Article: Would you swim in the Yarra River?

Another corporate event!

We are very excited to have had another corporate volunteering event with yet another international organisation. We are pleased with the reception it has had with organisations and the excitement that these groups bring to the event. As the year comes to close, things begin to slow down; however, it is not too late to book your corporate event for the beginning of 2020! Send an email to for more details.

Earth Laws Conference 28-29 November

We are pleased to announce that the Yarra Riverkeeper, Andrew Kelly, has been invited by the Earth Laws Alliance Conference to be one of the presenters! The Riverkeeper will be a part of the conference which focuses on “Inspiring Earth Ethics”, co-hosted by the Australian Catholic University.

Andrew’s conference will focus on unfolding the Yarra Protection Act, which through the intervention of the Wurundjeri Land Tribe Council, attributed cultural personality to the River.

Do sign up and join the conference for a myriad of exciting conferences and ideas exchanges. The Yarra Riverkeeper Association looks forward to seeing you there! Register here: Earth Laws Conference

Making a positive difference in our community

The  Yarra Riverkeeper Association is hosting one of our most significant events ever – over 150 volunteers! We have recently been asked to host a corporate volunteering event by an international company. What’s exciting about these events and this one, in particular, is the net benefit for the area that we will be generating awareness about through walk and talks, cleaning up litter in the area, auditing litter, and planting! 

Do keep up with our social media channels for updates on the event. We will be posting photos with our volunteers as well as pictures of the area we will be planting over 400 plants

If you have any corporate volunteering enquiries, please contact us, we are more than happy to accommodate any group for a fun and fulfilling day. Send an email to

Upcoming events

YRK: COVID-19 Update

The Yarra Riverkeeper Association is committed to the safety and protection of the Yarra and of our hardworking volunteers. Given the current situation we find ourselves in, the Association has decided to stop any large gatherings for the foreseeable future. This decision is to minimise the risk of contagion of the virus known as COVID-19.  […]

Kew Festival: Walk and Talk

The Kew Festival is upon us! Please join Andrew Kelly, the Riverkeeper on a guided walk beginning at the Studley Park Boathouse on the 12 March. Learn interesting historical facts about our much loved Yarra River as you walk through some of its most iconic stretches. See more information here: Kew Festival Walk and Talk […]

Tracking Litter in the Yarra River Seminar

Please join our Education Officer Nicole Kowalczyk to celebrate the capstone of her Litter and Flows Project! Join the Yarra Riverkeeper Association, Cleanwater Group and the RMIT Litter Tracker Team to gain insight into the presence, source, and fate of plastics in the Yarra River. In this seminar, we’ll share the findings of three years […]

FINAL Yarra River Blitz!

What a ride these Blitzes have been! It is bittersweet to come to end of an era with out last Yarra River Blitz on the 2 February. Now, we know we are getting in early but it is the final Blitz in the project and it will be fantastic and full of surprises. We will […]

Maribyrnong River Blitz – 24 November

Join us for our next Blitz which will take place on the beautiful Maribyrnong on 24 November at the Footscray Rowing Club. As always, we will provide all the necessary equipment for our volunteers’ safety. Please register for the Blitz here: Do note that Yarra Riverkeeper Association members have the benefit of being able to book a […]

Our Yarra River

The Yarra River is Melbourne’s most important natural asset and all Melburnians are dependent on it. It supplies most of our piped water. The river corridor is one of the region’s prime wildlife habitats and is a popular place for recreational and nature-based activities, which are vital to community well-being and the city’s liveability.

But the impact of our large city and its burgeoning growth are putting the river under severe stress from water extraction, pollution and encroaching urban development. With your help, we can continue our work to protect and restore the river’s health.

Who are we

Formed in 2004, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association has become the primary ‘voice of the river’.

We monitor the Yarra’s health, and keep track of the many activities affecting it. We run river tours and give presentations to educate students, community groups, government and businesses about the need for us all to protect this vital asset. We tell the river’s stories, highlighting its heritage and wonders, as well as its challenges.

Enjoy the wonders of our Yarra. Take a close interest in river and water matters.
Invite us to give a presentation to your school, community group or workplace.
(Contact Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly on 0434 892 772 or
Join us in working on the Yarra Strategic Plan and the refresh of the Healthy Waterways Strategy for the Yarra.
And last but not least . . .

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