Thanks to the Yarra for supporting us through 2020 

When we were unable to venture more than 5km, many of us have been fortunate enough to live in close proximity to the Yarra River and its creeks. We have run, walked, cycled and plogged along its trails. We have taken a closer look at all of the species that call the Yarra home, on land and in the water. It has continued to be a place of inspiration, relaxation, exercise and catching up with family and friends. 



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We need the Yarra and the Yarra needs us. The Yarra is like an old friend, it is a staple in the lives of many, even if we can sometimes take the river for granted.

It is the heart of Melbourne, the city’s imaginative lifeblood. The waters give 75% of Melbourne’s drinking water, its trees clean the air and cool the city and the parks and trails give us a place to explore and connect with nature. It’s a home for many species of plants, animals and little critters, including the platypus, grey-headed flying fox and sugar glider. 

The Yarra is a Melbourne icon, and one we need to invest in. Can you help give back to your Yarra?

Give Back to your Yarra

Thanks Yarra

Write a thank you note

The YRKA staff and volunteers are not being shy – we are letting the Yarra and everyone else know just how important it is to us. This year, the River has worked hard to help us through unprecedented times. Its parks and trails have been a welcome escape from our homes, with more and more people exploring its parks and its trails. The wildlife, plants and little critters have been a source of inspiration, connecting us with the wonders of our local environment. 

My message to the Yarra

Join the Yarra Riverkeepers in saying thank you to the Yarra - for being the imaginative lifeblood of Melbourne that supports all living things, big and small.
  • Write a message of thanks to your Yarra, creek, or park.
  • Please let us know if we can publish your note on social media



Please help spread appreciation of the River, and let others know just how much it means to you. Use the form above to say thanks to your Yarra or write an open letter on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @yarrariverkeeper 

Clean Your Yarra

Help keep your Yarra clean

Visiting the Yarra or its creeks any time soon? Say thanks to your Yarra and leave with the Yarra being cleaner than when you arrived by picking up a couple of pieces of litter. Bring a pair of gloves, a rubbish bag and (if you have one available) a litter picker. Have you seen rubbish that is too far away to grab? Submit a photo to the Yarra Catchment Atlas to contribute to data about litter hotspots and help inform future clean ups. You can also alert the local councils by sending a photo through the app Snap, Send and Solve. 


Invest in the future of your Yarra

If you’re in a position to give, a donation can help to fund activities and projects that aim to protect and restore the Yarra and its tributaries for the benefit of the environment and the community. Any amount, big or small, can help make a different for safeguarding the future of your Yarra. Donations help to fund activities such as: 

  • Microplastic trawls
  • Planting trees 
  • Weeding 
  • Installing nesting boxes and tree hollows for wildlife
  • Advocacy work to drive improved legislation, policy and planning 
  • Clean Up Events 
  • Revegetation work 
  • Educational materials to inspire and equip the younger generation to speak up for the health of the Yarra 

If you are in a position to do so, a  donation will help invest in the future of your Yarra.

Join the YRKA

Join the Yarra Riverkeepers

Become a member of the Yarra Riverkeepers and join a passionate community that works towards a healthy, protected and loved Yarra. By becoming a member, you will be the first to know about upcoming planting and clean-up events, have access to educational materials and seminars. 

Know a friend or family member who would like to get involved? You can also donate a membership! 

Join the Yarra Riverkeepers 

Get local

Join a community group 

Want to see what is happening in your local area? There are many dedicated community groups along the Yarra Catchment who are helping to protect their local environment. 


  • Thanks Yarra
  • Clean Your Yarra
  • Donate
  • Join the YRKA
  • Get local