Time: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Rivers play a vital role in serving both people and nature across the earth since the dawn of time, carrying water and nutrients, serving as drainage channels for the water cycle and providing excellent habitat and food for countless organisms. Whilst geographically different, all rivers face increasing anthropogenic stress, threatening not only wildlife populations but ecosystem health and the quality of life for many human populations.

In order to foster greater knowledge exchange between Global Waterkeeper Alliance members and to better understand river health, the Yarra Riverkeepers are proud to present a research report on international river health. This webinar will provide a high level summary and review on the report, summarising utilities, threats, management initiatives and the biodiversity of catchments.

Join Neha, Akshayaa and Jonathan as we share our findings on the Yamuna, Periyar, Yangzte, Hudson, Hawkesbury-Nepean and our beloved Yarra River.

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