Grow your organisation’s environmental impact by supporting grassroots regeneration along Melbourne’s most iconic waterway, the Birrarung - Yarra River.

All of Melbourne’s businesses, from corporates to SMEs and startups, are connected in some way to the Yarra. The River allows workers to care for their wellbeing and mental health as they travel to the office, while it supports countless hospitality and recreation ventures. Not to mention that the Birrarung – Yarra is a world-class setting for our most iconic events and attractions.

In a time when corporate responsibility is more important than ever, the Yarra Riverkeeper Business Partnership program is a simple and impactful way for businesses to give back in their own backyards. For more information please email:

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"Collaborating with Ecosa was incredible! Their generous contribution allowed us to bring the Yarra Plastic Paddle into life. Together, we raised awareness of the plastic pollution that affects our waterways while deeply connecting to the River"

— Karin Traeger | Chief Executive Officer.

Join us in this exciting journey of giving back to your waterways. For their health, protection, and community’s love.

The benefits

Our Business Partnership program gives organisations of all sizes the opportunity to grow deeper, stronger connections to our River and the life it supports, creating positive impacts today and for generations to come.

For your team:

Promote a culture of wellbeing, connecting people to themselves, Nature and our community.
Improved job satisfaction and performance by making real impact on the environment.
Environmental awareness and appreciation
Bring new skills developed back into day to day office operations.

For your local yarra and local community

Habitats grown to be more resilient to impacts of climate change.
Increased biodiversity and the strengthening of local ecosystems.
Better protection from pollution and degradation across the entire Yarra catchment
Closer connection between communities and nature

Business Partnership Models

We’ve created three types of business partnerships so that organisations of all shapes and sizes can help maintain the health of our waterways and wildlife. Signing up to our Business Partnership Program is a simple process and it starts with a conversation. For more information, contact us below or email:

  • Growling Grass Frog Partners

    Start-Ups & Small Business Partnerships

    Make a valuable ongoing contribution to the health of local waterways, while having access to community and corporate day invitations.


    Annual membership, for organisations with under $1m annual revenue

    — A ‘YRKA Growling Grass Frog’ icon and description for your website and communications.

    — A clear demonstration to your team and stakeholders that they are part of your business’s commitment to the ecological health and restoration of the Yarra.

    — Participation in our community and corporate events.

  • Leadbeater Possum Partners

    SMEs and Larger Organisation Partnerships

    Give your team the opportunity to work more closely with us on a range of activities, such as one-off event collaborations.

    $2,500 to $10,000

    Annual membership, value through in-kind support and resourcing

    A ‘YRKA Leadbeater Possum icon and description for your website and communications.

    Your teams can work closely with us on a range of activities, such as event collaborations.

    Participation in our community and corporate events.

  • Platypus Partner Program

    Corporate and Iconic Venues Partnerships

    Make a significant contribution to the future health of our waterways and communities.  This option gives your team and stakeholders a close-up relationship with our activities as a core business partner.


    Annual membership, value through in-kind and financial contributions

    A ‘YRKA Platypus’ icon and description for your website and communications.

    Boat tours for key business representations.

    Private corporate day invitations.

    River care toolkits and ambassador program to embed river care in your organisation.

    Play an integral role in helping to shape approaches to the regeneration and sustainable future of the Yarra.

Download our Business Partnership Program Brochure

Learn more about how both your team and the Yarra benefit from the  Business Partnership Program.

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