Valentina Meza

Valentina Meza

Media & Communications Volunteer

AKA: Vale

Likes: Sunny days, being in contact with my friends and family, Peruvian food, learning about new cultures!

Dislikes: Negative people, giving up without trying!, individualism and lockdowns.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Sugar Glider


A fully qualified commercial engineer, Valetina moved recently to Melbourne to pursue a Masters in Environment and Sustainability at Monash University. Working towards becoming a change agent, Valetina is passionate about sustainability issues affecting the Yarra, and assists in research collection, media and communications.

Originally from Santiago, Chile, she completed a degree in Commercial Engineering and was even awarded the title of best student commercial engineer for her graduating class. This has been complemented by post-graduate diplomas and certificates in strategic management and sustainability.

Valentina’s background is varied and diverse, having navigated the fields of engineering, corporate analytics and social responsibility. A professional highlight was the successful application of LATAM Airlines group for the Dow Jones Sustainability index certification. Over the past five years, Valentina worked at Coca-Cola Chile as a product and innovation engineer and then as manager of sustainable development; managing community strategies with mayors, foundations, neighbourhoods, B-corporations, NGOs, schools and universities.

Valentina’s goal is to integrate sustainability into business and to have a more sustainable, fair, and resilient society and global environment! She is an avid traveller and in her spare time enjoys cycling, contemplating the ocean, and being in nature. She loves trying out recipes, her Peruvian delicacies are always a hit!


“I would love everyone to realize the importance of protecting and loving the Yarra, as a key asset for every species life!”