Tom Frawley

Tom Frawley

Stewardship Officer

Likes: Books, History Podcasts, Coffee, Plants

Dislikes: Yelling, unsustainable agriculture, energy drinks.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Platypus


As our resident agriculture expert, Stewardship Officer Tom brings a wealth of knowledge for all things green and environmental. He is a familiar face as our main host for most of the YRKA’s webinars.  Tom holds a Master of Environment, a Bachelor of Agriculture and Certificates in Geographic information Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, Outdoor Recreation and Sheep’s Wool classing.

Working on various farms in the past, Tom applies his cultivation knowledge by assisting in the project execution of re-stewarding the Yarra Riverbank’s natural habitats.  Tom is responsible for weeding and planting execution, promoting biodiversity and ensuring vegetation is optimal for the entire ecosystem’s health. He is passionate about Environmental Science, and thoroughly enjoys expanding his knowledge on the job about the flora and fauna of the Yarra.

Previously, Tom worked at the EverGreening Global Alliance, a global campaign aiming to implement massive land restoration programs and restore degraded landscapes. In addition to his role at the YRKA, he additionally works part-time at The Greenery’ as a nursery staff member

Tom is Co-Manager of our citizen science platform and environmental database, the Yarra Atlas, reporting and recording on our beloved flora and fauna that inhabit the Yarra catchment.  Tom is proud to be working on behalf of the Yarra and is passionate about driving sustainable green wedge development along its Riverbanks.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys reading, tap-dancing and golf. Tom is the proud owner of many indoor plants, particularly Monstera, and his budgie Norman is a regular attendee at YRKA meetings.

Spotted a weed that needs identifying? Be sure to contact our plant pro!

“I’m interested to see how the life of the Yarra changes over the coming years; hopefully people start to spend more time with it.”