Sebastian Pivet

Sebastian Pivet

Project Management & Social Media Intern

AKA: Seb

Likes: Food, Travelling, the Great Outdoors, Recycling

Dislikes: Rude people, Wasted time, Littering, Liars.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Grey-headed Flying Fox


Seb is our head of in-organisation environmental management and workplace sustainability, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Deakin University. Within the YRKA, Seb is responsible for implementing climate change response and waste minimisation practices.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology, Seb shifted career paths after being inspired through his internship abroad in China, gaining experience through an American-owned environmental consultancy in Shanghai, testing air and water quality at different expat-owned businesses. Seb has previously worked as a Field and Laboratory Technician for Chadwick Geotechnics, a subsidiary of Tonkin & Taylor. There he conducted soil and groundwater analysis for major works such as the Level Crossing Removal Project. Most recently, he has completed an overseas exchange in Amsterdam, studying Environmental Economics.

A global citizen, Seb has travelled to 24 different countries to date and is passionate about both global and local environmental issues, enjoying networking with people from varied and multicultural backgrounds.

With his parents originally from Chile, Seb has a strong love for wine, carbs and the beach.  Self-described as a ‘little crazy’, Seb is thankful to channel his energy into advocating for the environment, something he describes as his ‘true calling.’ His passion and work ethic have been recognised through being an appointed member of the Golden-Key Society at Deakin.

In his spare time, Seb enjoys playing Volleyball and jogging; where his recent personal best is 9kms in 50mins.


“I dream of a Yarra that is pollution free and better utilised for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.”