Ruby Tucker

Ruby Tucker

Advocacy Volunteer

Likes: Music, my bike, swimming, throwing a dinner party, fun hats, the whistle of a kettle when it boils.

Dislikes: Littering, ordering at a restaurant, the bottom of a peanut butter jar, wastefulness.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Pobblebonk (Just a fantastic name).


Artistically, academically and professionally talented, the YRKA is lucky to have Ruby as an events and advocacy volunteer. She assists in running high profile community events and preparing strategic submissions and support to help drive better environmental action and policy.

Ruby’s past experience includes strong customer service in tutoring and various hospitality businesses, with a personal highlight being working in England for one year. Originally from Wagga Wagga, NSW, Ruby moved to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance. As part of her Bachelor’s degree, she interned at KPMG Australia as part of the Economic Modelling Team. There, she assisted in group project management, collaboration and innovation workshops, conducted proposal writing and participated in ongoing client engagements.

For her undergraduate studies, Ruby was the recipient of the Miller College Exhibition Scholarship for St.Hilda’s College, where she also served as the music convenor for St. Hilda’s for one year. Coupled with her excellent academic record, Ruby was awarded the very prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, a program aiming to foster young people’s leadership.

Ruby is passionate about giving back what she can to the community, giving her blood quite literally as a regular plasma donor. She has volunteered in the past for organisations and events such as Open Table, CHIPS Women’s shelter, Relay for Life, Daffodil Day, the Leisure Company and Wagga Rural Referral Hospital. Currently, she is studying a Masters of Environment and hopes to utilise her skills in economics to facilitate and drive more sustainable business practices. Her knowledge and understanding of environmental economics (as well as her black-belt in Taekwondo) makes her well placed to tackle the fight against climate change.

In her spare time, Ruby enjoys cooking, travelling and performance singing.


“I hope to see the Yarra as a cleaner environment that is respected and more truly valued within the community.”