Richard Squires

Richard Squires

Community Engagement Volunteer

AKA: Rich

Likes: Running, hiking, books, movies, travel and family.

Dislikes: Opening mail, filling in forms.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: all of the birds.


Richard is a passionate environmental activist who has spent the past year developing a campaign based around the eco superhero BUTTMAN, whose mission is to rid the world of cigarette butt litter.

An avid gardener, Richard grows native and endemic trees, shrubs and bushes at his home nursery for the Tree Project organisation, which aims to connect farmland in rural Victoria with wildlife corridors. With an Exercise and Sport Science Bachelor and Remedial Massage Diploma, Richard has travelled extensively alongside professional athletes as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

He’s competed in many Triathlons and running events, becoming the Asian Pacific Champion of Half Ironman triathlon in his category in 2017. With his sights set firmly on helping deliver athletes to the 2021 (hopefully!) Tokyo Olympics, Richard is volunteering his time at YRKA in all areas to gain experience in the environmental field.