Nicola Mackenzie

Nicola Mackenzie

Moonee Ponds Creek Volunteer

AKA: Nicky

Likes: AFL, animals (especially dogs), hiking, traveling and photography.

Dislikes: Littering, deforestation, olives and smoking

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Red Wattlebird


All-Australian Girl Nicky grew up besides the beaches in Sydney and moved to Melbourne to pursue university. The Yarra catchment is a large interconnected system, and Nicky is responsible for reporting on one of the most important urban arteries, the Moonee Ponds Creek.

Nicky has always had a deep love for nature and when growing up, whenever not at the beach, she could be found on bush walks around her local dam or rowing on the water. Holding a Bachelor of Science with a double major of Environmental Conservation and Genetics, she has developed a keen eye for various ecosystems and enjoys spotting the local wildlife and seeing how they interact with each other. Nicky has a wide range of professional experiences including running and organising events, administration and even was a Girl Guide leader! In addition, she has utilised and applied her passion and knowledge for conservation and the environment through rewarding volunteering experiences on the Great Barrier Reef and at a Conservation Reserve in South Africa.

Nicky hopes to make invaluable connections to people who share a common passion with her and to have the opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than herself and will have a lasting impact on others. In her spare time, Nicky enjoys watching AFL, photography and all types of outdoor activities that put her in touch with nature.


“I love walking along the Yarra, seeing the co-existence of human activity and the Yarra’s biodiversity. I hope that this co-existence can be further improved to protect the existing species within the Yarra.”