Neha Shetty

Neha Shetty

Water Quality Intern

Likes: Reading, cooking, ice-cream (it’s my kryptonite), dumplings, traveling and I’m always keen on trying new things!

Dislikes: Cheese, capsicum (I have my reasons), people trying to talk to me while I’m reading, misinformation about current events or historical events, slow movies.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Platypus (they have so many unique features and baby platypus are the cutest)


Neha is a current Master of Environment and Sustainability student at Monash University, currently interning with the YRKA to help explore water quality and pollution issues in the Yarra catchment area and other international Waterkeeper Alliance rivers

Originally from Al-Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, Neha returned to her parent’s home country of India to complete her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology Engineering at the University of Manipal, with her final thesis being on reducing textile dye in water by using dead fungal strains. She is a member of Engineers without Borders, India.

Neha has previously worked as a Microbiology Research Intern in Biocon, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies, where she contributed to designing experiments for cell immobilisation of anti-fungal agents.

Since coming to Australia, Neha has dedicated her time to the Green Impact Program at the Monash Sustainable Institute and has volunteered for the Australian Water Association, Parks Victoria and Port Phillip EcoCentre. Specialising in Environmental Security, Neha hopes to continue to refine her skills and knowledge to engineer innovative solutions that ensure better water quality.


“The River Yarra flowing through the concrete jungle of Melbourne and bringing life into the city- I think is one of its iconic features. I would like to see and be a part of improving the water quality of this river in the future.”