Matt Shepherd

Matt Shepherd

Community Engagement & Advocacy Volunteer

Likes: Bush walking, Swimming, Going to the gym, Camping and Food

Dislikes: Litter, cold weather, warm beer and scary movies.

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment:Platypus (but never seen one before)


Passionate about sustainable corporate processes, Matt holds both a Bachelor and a Masters in Environmental Sustainability. His key interests are on regulatory processes, behaviour change and ethics, all of which are directly applied in his current roles at the City of Monash as a Waste Monitoring Officer and Content Creator at Connect to Port Phillip.

The YRKA is fortunate to have Matt assist in raising the public profile of the Yarra. His work involves analysing the catchment’s stakeholders and their respective positions river health, aligning and relating them to the Yarra Riverkeeper’s vision and goals. He helps in developing targeted advocacy campaigns that encourage and empower the wider community to act and contribute to the Yarra’s protection, such as submissions and letter writing to authoritative bodies.

Matt’s dream is to become an environmental consultant, to improve large scale corporate processes and ensure popular commercial processes are as sustainable as possible.

A blue-blooded Melburnian, Matt holds a strong connection to the city’s beaches and rivers. In his spare time, he enjoys going down to the beach for a surf, and even plays waterpolo for Monash University!


“My favourite place along the Yarra is Healesville, the sanctuary is a great place to visit and develop an understanding of native wildlife.”