Lachlan Peace

Lachlan Peace

Regeneration Officer

AKA: Lachy

Likes: Handmade coffee cups, coffee to go with, thunderstorms, growing food gardens and making ceramics

Dislikes:Dead house plants, sandy sheets, single use plastics and littering

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment:Eastern Bearded Dragon


An experienced environmental scientist and landscaper, The YRKA is very fortunate to have Lachy’s expertise and knowledge to drive our ecological regeneration portfolio.

Holding a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Lachy has a love for all things of the natural world. His particular passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems is being further fostered through his current further study as a Master of Environment Student at the University of Melbourne. He has previously received multiple awards for study abroad, enabling him to undertake exchange semesters in Vienna and Copenhagen.

Lachy was previously an environmental remediation scientist for Western Environmental, engaging with clients and provided site assessments and contamination solutions. During this role, his team notably worked on the Western Roads Upgrade Project, providing a site wide investigation and management solutions through both field sampling and spatial analysis.

Lachy’s professional experience has been complemented through various retail and event management roles, as well as volunteering on various revegetation projects, conferences and farms around the world. A personal highlight was witnessing an active volcano erupting into the ocean.

In his spare time, Lachy is a keen trail runner and has been fortunate enough to compete in marathons throughout Australia and New Zealand, relishing running through pristine wilderness.  He also enjoys woodworking and ceramics.

“Nothing beats running along the banks of the Yarra on hot afternoons with sun beating down and rainbow lorikeets chirping. I’d love to see parts of the Yarra regenerated and afforded the same protections as national parks.”