Katrina Lee

Katrina Lee

Specialist Advisor

AKA: Kat

Likes: nature, gardening, bugs,, swimming, the sound and smell of leaves crunching on a bush walk

Dislikes: litter, deforestation, food waste, climate change

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Platypus


Kat has a strong love and passion for reducing her waste and being environmentally conscious.
Kat studied Bachelor of Science and Honours (Pathology) as-well as completed her Masters of Environment.
Having lived in London for 2 years and have worked alongside Julia Gillard in 2018,  Kat has gained some experience along the way and is always looking for ways to contribute to the environment. She now volunteers at Yarra Riverkeeper Association and Regen Melbourne.

She is currently working on a youtube channel with a friend.

“I swam in the Yarra for the first time this year in Warburton, it was so glorious I had to swim multiple times a day. It’s my dream that we could swim in more sections of the Yarra, and that one day I can tell my grandchildren the wild fairy tale that once the Yarra was so dirty that you couldn’t swim in it!”