Ian Wong

Ian Wong


Likes: Doughnut Economics, Spending Time with my Children, Ice Hockey, Yoga

Dislikes: Laissez Faire (free-market) Capitalism, Pollution

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Platypus


As the Vice President of Circular Economy Victoria and Chief Technical Officer at Ichpig, Ian brings a unique and valued expertise in digital solutions, retail, supply chain and online strategy. Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering, he has extensive professional experience in project management, coaching and consulting.

A former Partner within IBM’s consulting business, Ian previously led IBM’s digital strategy, experience, design practice and retail industry practice in Australia and New Zealand. During this time he worked across multiple industries to assist clients in transforming their organisations and businesses to become more customer focused through the adoption of digital capabilities and various new innovations. Ian also has his own digital consulting business, ‘The Romantics’, which offers breakthrough thinking and focuses on helping small businesses take advantage of digital technologies to develop customer and stakeholder experiences to grow their business, whilst staying true to their core values. Ian’s experience also includes roles at PwC, Eruditus Executive Education and RMIT Activator LaunchHub.

In addition to his professional achievements, Ian actively gives back to the community, volunteering with non-profits as a skilled volunteer. Currently, he is a special projects volunteer for Camcare, a community based, not-for-profit organisation which focuses on supporting people in Boroondara and surrounding areas through times of adversity and hardship. In addition to his role on the Yarra Riverkeeper Board, he also currently serves on the Board of the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria.

Ian has lived in many places across the world including England, Mauritius, Canada, Singapore, the USA and has finally settled in Melbourne. Outside of work, Ian enjoys playing Ice Hockey and spending time with his lovely wife and two young children who are growing up to become “eco-heroes”.

“I envision a safe and just place where everyone can thrive in balance with our Yarra River”