Hui Yue Tay

Hui Yue Tay

Marketing and Communications Intern

Likes: movies, travel, dogs, books

Dislikes: betrayal, durian, COVID, lockdown

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Platypus


Originally from Melaka, Malaysia, Hui is our Marketing and Communications Intern 

Hui has a strong interest in performing arts and drama. She has been acknowledged in her efforts with Awards received such as “The Best Actress Award” as well as “Highest Subject Achiever Award for Psychology”, she has got a strong work ethic and determination as seen through her constant efforts and achievements. 

She is no stranger to volunteering, having volunteered in a non profit virtual educational camp for underprivileged secondary school students as a camp facilitator and fundraising volunteer. On top of this having interned in Malaysia where she gained experience in handling accounts and end of year audits. Hui has continued to put herself out there and grasp every opportunity that is thrown her way! Hui enjoys being amongst the community and engaging with others, something she is willing to contribute to the team. 

Hui has a strong passion for the environment and conserving our Melbourne Icon, the Yarra River. In her spare time Hui loves watching movies and dramas. 


“Have always wanted to see a platypus in real life but sadly never got to. Sincerely hope that when i return to Australia, I’ll have a chance to catch a glimpse of platypus at the Yarra catchment areas (although to my understanding, there has been decline in population of platypus since the 1990s)”