Clare Vernon

Clare Vernon

Community Engagement & Research Volunteer

Likes: All things green, Urban photography, Old-school Land Rovers, birds, plants.

Dislikes: Dead plants, espresso, (how?! So strong…), greenwashing (don’t get me started!).

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Officially, Platypus, Unofficially, New Holland Honey-eater.


Sydney-sider Clare made her move down south earlier this year and is skilled in many different environmental disciplines such as soil science, plant physiology, ecology, agricultural development and geographic information systems. She has extensive experience in managing and facilitating stakeholder and community workshops, as well as on the ground projects for various NGOs and development organisations. Clare has even been an invited Council Member and Advisor for the Landcare NSW and the National Youth summit respectively. This has been complemented by previous roles in resourcing, retail and aeroplane piloting!

Clare holds a Bachelor of Environmental Systems (Honours), in which she undertook agricultural and natural resource development fieldwork and management in Laos and the Northern Territory. She completed her Honours thesis in investigating the role of genetics within Eucalyptus trees, and is currently pursuing a PhD at Deakin University focusing on IUCN conservation and endangerment Red-list. A personal and professional highlight was meeting Al Gore at the 2019 Brisbane Climate Reality project.

In her spare time, Clare enjoys cycling (although she self-describes herself as West Melbourne’s slowest cyclist) and is passionate about empowering and facilitating discussion around issues affecting Youth and the environment.


“I want to see a thriving Yarra River, a connected system of tributaries and habitats that provide a vital green oasis to plant, animal and human life alike, and a community that actively cares, supports and values this river system. I want to see a system that is still there, thriving and able to withstand the climate of 2100.”