Christine Slade

Christine Slade

Education & Community Engagement Volunteer

AKA: Chris

Likes: Going for bush walks or hikes and taking photos of nature, hanging out with my dogs (a Doberman Maremma cross and a Kelpie cross), Being out in the field and learning from the natural environment and those that study it, Baking too many cakes!

Dislikes: Invasive weeds, How much plastic (amongst other things) there is within the Yarra and the environment, currently not having enough animals in my house, Baking too many cakes!

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Too many to choose, but particularly the Rainbow Lorikeet and Eastern long-necked Turtle!


Experienced in both practical and academic environmental science, Christine has a true love of the Yarra river catchment. She has an interest in engaging the public with the environment through education, providing and supporting resources and also through photography to visually demonstrate the importance of conservation and management.

Christine has a Masters in Environment and Sustainability majoring in Environmental Security and Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. During her studies, her main focus was in landscape ecology and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and how these pieces can be most appropriately and effectively managed into the future. She has earned several awards for various University photo competitions for flora and fauna categories, even selling a photograph at the Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Exhibition in 2016!

From her studies and work experience, Christine has knowledge of policy and governance, sustainable business practice, change making initiatives and has a multidisciplinary focus and mindset in approaching projects. She also enjoys working on projects that encapsulate science, management and stakeholder engagement, while focusing towards environmental remediation and assisting with solutions to given issues. Her knowledge and skills have been highlighted and utilised in her roles as an Environmental Scientist at Accent Environmental where she managed projects in Victoria and Tasmania, and as a Biology teaching associate for Monash University.

Christine boasts an impressive resume of volunteering engagements including highlights as a Consultant at the Water Studies Centre at Monash University and as operational support at the Carbon Market Institutes’ 5th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit. Currently, she is an Instagram Content Creator for Wild Melbourne – ‘Remember The Wild’ and is a member on the Yarra Ranges Landcare Network committee.

Christine hopes to bring knowledge, passion, commitment and support through guidance and knowledge regarding complex environmental, social and economic issues. Christine hopes to work in environmental or ecological consulting or education, but ideally aims to combine both.

In her spare time, Christine enjoys taking photographs of nature, particularly of flora and fauna. Having already conquered the Routeburn Track, she aims to do more multi-hikes in future around Victoria and New Zealand with her partner, family and friends.


“I want to continue bringing the community to the Yarra, through educating the public about the diverse flora and fauna within and around the river. Moreover, and how to maintain, protect and restore it with the various threats it faces, while ensuring its longevity into the future – from the source to the mouth of the river.”