Candace Colaco

Candace Colaco

Communications and Fundraising Assistant

AKA: Ace, Can, CCC

Likes: Long drives, ice cream, being outdoors, fresh fruit, markets, board games

Dislikes: Plastic pollution, littering, spicy food, moths, orange flavoured lollies

Favourite Animal in the Yarra Catchment: Brown Tree Frog


Candace is no stranger to raising awareness about plastic pollution and waste management. With a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environments, Candace is able to combine technical knowledge on environmental sustainability with her experience of on the ground experience helping to raise awareness for the threats facing Melbourne’s environment.


Candace is the founder of the Little Litter Project, an initiative raising awareness about Plastic Pollution and Waste management. If you live in the west of Melbourne you may have come across her community clean ups, talks and educational campaigns around the impacts of litter. When she’s not helping to protect your local environment, Candace enjoys drawing, playing the piano and staying active.


Candace assists with engaging the community, fundraising and general operations.


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, NOTHING is going to get better, its NOT” – The Lorax, Dr Seuss