Telling the Yarra’s story

We regularly deliver speeches and presentations to school classes, tertiary education groups, community groups, service clubs, business associations, and at seminars, workshops and conferences. They are delivered either beside the river or in venues where we can show colourful images of the river. The goal is to inform and engage audiences about the wonders of the Yarra River and related topics such as the river’s history, its wonderful wildlife, up-to-date commentary on urban water issues, and how people can help.

Having delivered over 800 talks to audiences totally over 30,000 people, we have earned the reputation for giving engaging and thought-provoking presentations.

We also host quarterly seminars on different river related subjects such as plastic waste and the circular economy.

Circular Economy Ian

Board member, Ian Wong, presenting at the Yarra Riverkeeper Circular Economy Seminar in February 2019.












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