Our achievements

In 2015 we are celebrating 10 successful years of caring for the Yarra.

Here are some of our achievements to date:

  • Established in 2006 the first community-based boat patrol of the Yarra;
  • Instrumental in the government’s decisions in 2006 to cap the amount of water extracted from the river and provide it with environmental flows; the program to release these flows commenced in 2011;
  • Contributed to the government’s establishment in 2012 of the Cleaner Yarra and Bay Taskforce that is coordinating the many activities to reduce water pollution;
  • Was a catalyst in ending in 2013 the last permit allowing industry to discharge its waste water into the Yarra;
  • Led the campaign to improve height controls on new encroaching riverside buildings, which took effect in 2013;
  • Provided on-water inspection tours to over 300 community and business leaders and politicians, which have been a catalyst for improved river regulations;
  • Delivered over 600 presentations and lectures about the Yarra’s delights and plights to a total audience of over 25,000 people;
  • Established effective working partnerships with the key authorities including Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, EPA Victoria and the Office of Living Victoria;
  • Committed 13,000 hours of work by our professional staff and 8,000 hours by volunteers to undertake our river care activities;
  • Earned the reputation amongst the community and the authorities of being the pre-eminent voice of the Yarra River.