Charting the Yarra: A Review of 40 Years of Reports and Plans for the Yarra River Corridor

The Yarra Riverkeeper Association and Environmental Justice Australia is pleased to be publishing this Review.

In this review, over 40 years of reports on the Yarra corridor have been analyzed and, while many good reports have been written and many good recommendations made, many of those recommendations have not been implemented, to the river’s and Melbourne’s detriment. Three key issues facing the river have surfaced in this review: fragmentation of responsibility, inconsistencies in planning and a lack of continuity in implementing recommendations.

Charting the Yarra report Low Res First Part

Charting the Yarra report Low Res Second Half


And here is the link to the associated webpage of a list of reports and plans for the Yarra River and Yarra Corridor – with links (where these are available).